Chef Gen Mizoguchi, the sushi chef responsible for giving Kabuto its fantastic reputation, left the restaurant over a year ago to pursue his own venture (while it’s too soon to tell if it will live up to Kabuto’s fame, there are very high expectations for his new restaurant, Yui Edomae). Back at Kabuto, things haven’t changed a bit: The hole-in-the-wall place is now helmed by Ken Hosoki, who trained under Mizoguchi for many years and continues to serve hyper-fresh fish in a simple edomae style over vinegar-seasoned rice. The interior space is tiny, sleek, and minimal, and the place to sit is definitely at the bar. Though you’re not likely to leave hungry, Kabuto is just steps from Chinatown Plaza, the heart of Las Vegas’ surprisingly authentic and vibrant Chinatown. The exotic fish and produce at 99 Ranch Market alone justifies a stop.

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