The Shinola brand has largely become synonymous with the changing city of Detroit itself. As a company, Shinola has made Detroit its home: Their 30,000-square foot watch factory resides inside of Detroit’s College for Creative Studies in the former GM Argonaut building, a symbol of the company’s mission to bring jobs to the city, and bigger picture, to America. The flagship store, a large piece of the transformation of West Canfield Street in Midtown, has become a destination in and of itself. The store is a gorgeous, industrial showcase of Shinola’s signature leather watches, as well as wallets, bags, and exceptionally handsome notebooks. Bicycles hang from exposed beams and the impeccable bike workshop (where every Shinola bicycle is custom assembled) is visible behind a long glass wall running the length of the store. Conveniently, there’s also a cafĂ© inside as well as a flower stand from Detroit’s Made Floral, with irresistibly romantic bouquets. After your visit, keep walking along Canfield (toward 2nd Avenue), which turns into a cobblestone street—Detroit’s first local historic district, with houses dating back to the 1870’s, reflecting a mix of Gothic Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, and Queen Anne styles. (See here for more Detroit architecture touring.)

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