Pot and Box founder Lisa Waud seems to be at the intersection of everything floral and cool and beautiful in Detroit. For starters, she was the mastermind behind the Fall 2015 project, Flower House, which brought together thirty-seven florists and designers from Michigan and across the country to decorate an abandoned house (which Waud purchased) in neighboring Hamtramck with American-grown flowers. Waud is now at work turning this surrounding land into a flower farm, where she hopes to welcome more visitors (the house drew more than three thousands in a few days), and host workshops and events. (Waud’s already started a few market series and a flower week elsewhere in Detroit.) Until then—and before her forthcoming brick and mortar opens—you can shop her adorable flower truck a few weekday afternoons: Wednesday by The Red Hook in West Village, Thursday by Astro Coffee in Corktown, and Friday by Citybird in Midtown. Oh, and Pot and Box also does weddings, weekly flower deliveries, and other events.

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