The Camino Real is Mexico’s own premier hotel chain, though the sprawling Polanco branch’s main appeal is it’s vintage, ’70s charm. Built in 1968 by Ricardo Legorreta, arguably one of Mexico’s most influential architects, the whole point of a stay here is experiencing Mexican modernism at its best. That translates into expansive spaces, bold geometric patterns, and big, bright splashes of color. Art lovers might enjoy the hotel’s collection too, which includes an Isamu Noguchi-designed fountain in the entrance and works by Rufino Tamayo, Pedro Friedeberg, Jose Covarrubias, and more. And while the rooms may be past their prime decor-wise—aka stuck in the ’70s—the hotel boasts plenty of other amenities like the nicely secluded courtyard pool, adjoining gym, and a choice of trendy restaurants in-house. Location is also key, as the hotel is connected to Polanco, one of the city’s most walkable neighborhoods, and Avenida Reforma, the scenic, neoclassical avenue that leads right into downtown.

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