This island of tranquility is located in San Jose del Cabo, about 40 minutes outside of Cabo. Lined with homey vegetable and flower beds and mowed green lawns, everything you’ll eat at the on-site restaurant, Flora’s Field Kitchen, is grown either on this property or at the larger farm a few miles away—that’s everything from the house-made sausages, to the jams, to the toast, to the veggie-laden Bloody Marys, to the grapefruit danishes. Meanwhile, the pristine restaurant setting—a modern farmhouse—looks like it was lifted straight out of East Hampton. There’s also an old timey ice cream cart small grocery store on property, stocked with just-plucked produce, sweets, and jars of the addictive house granola. Flora Farms has been around for about 20 years, slowly but surely adding more bells and whistles—among them, exclusive cottages and a private beach club—to its organic, all-American paradise.

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