A two hour drive from Cabo, La Paz is a slightly scruffier city that makes up for it with incredible sea life and a generally chilled out pace of life. Start your day with a big Mexican brunch at Maria California: Chiles rellenos, huevos a la Mexicana, enchiladas, the menu at this café is extensive, and the food delicious. You’ll need the sustenance in order to head out on the water with Baja Outdoor Activities: They organize packed itineraries (that are great for all ages) on the water, from kayaking out to see the nearby mangroves, to snorkeling and swimming with sea lions and whale sharks (if they happen to be in the neighborhood). Otherwise, head further up the coast to Balandra beach, a great little cove with beautiful rock formations, clear, shallow water, and not too many tourists. Back in town, the best restaurant for fish tacos is the Birmarckcito (Alvaro Obregon, between Constitucion and Hidalgo), a no-frills local favorite right on the boardwalk. And, if you’re not driving afterward, head to La Miserable for a deep dive into artisanal mezcals from around the country. If you’re planning on staying the night, book in at the stunning new hotel at El Mangle, an awesome local organization that promotes sustainable change in La Paz and runs the city’s recycling plant along with an educational veggie garden for local kids, and supports the fishermen’s movement to restore the scallop population. Photo: Mez Pahlan

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