Barbara Lynch, the long-reigning queen of the Boston culinary landscape, has, with Drink, entered the competitive world of craft cocktails. And she hit it out of the park. Every detail has been considered here. It’s common knowledge that the bar seats are always the best seats, and thus the entire room is framed by the bar, with dozens of bar seats up for grabs. Trying to decide what to drink from a menu is a good way to kill a conversation, so at Drink there are no menus. Instead, the mixologists will create something entirely custom, based on what you’re feeling—or they will simply mix up a perfect Negroni if that’s your standing order. Given that this is a Barbara Lynch spot, expect the snacks to be top-notch—the humble grilled cheese is dressed up with confit garlic, while the apple pie empanadas are filled with just the right amount of caramel.

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