A good general store is the kind of shop where you might fill a basket (ideally a nicely woven one) with a decent steak knife, some homemade jam, perhaps a bunch of linen napkins, and a jar of bath salts. April Gabriel spent her childhood summers in the Berkshires with a grandmother who instilled in her an appreciation for good old-fashioned quality. And she spent these summers in and out of the general stores in the area. Somewhere between the grandmother with good taste and the charm of those provisions, Gabriel got the idea for what would become her General Store. Nestled into Boston’s Coolidge Corner, Gabriel’s shop is just like those of her youth, redone in a modern way. Tightly wrapped bunches of sage and sticks of palo santo, natural-wax candles, Mast Brothers chocolate, hand-pressed cards—they’re all here. But Gabriel’s a woman who is true to her roots: The homemade jams are there, too.

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