It goes something like this: An American chef lands in Turkey and is seduced by the vibrant spices, the assertive flavors, the sheer freshness of the food. And that was enough to convince her. Ana Sortun decided to carry the exotic flavors of the Middle East 6,000 miles west. And Bostonians cannot get enough. The food is bright and refreshing—herbs and spices and salt stirred into strained yogurt dolloped on practically everything. Much of the produce is grown on Sortun’s farm by her farmer husband (Chris). When a dish is called farm-to-table here, it is. Bread is the cornerstone of Arabian meals, and the pita here does not disappoint. It’s toasty and chewy and served with sweet-sticky pomegranate molasses and nigella seeds—get a few servings and dip the crunchy corners into the smoky eggplant and spiced lamb you’ll inevitably order. There are no bad choices here.

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