The sheer volume of Irish-Americans in Boston means one very distinct thing: This city has great pubs. And the Field leads the pack. The bloodred exterior, the heavy wood everything, even the particular font of the storefront feels more Mullingar than Massachusetts. Inside, the bar is full of Irish jerseys and Celtic paraphernalia could have been plucked from a west Ireland town corner (and may have been). Fundamentally, pubs are social spaces that center around conversation, expertly poured pints, and a good time‚Äďall of which the Field has in spades. The bartenders know the right way to pour a Guinness (and yes, there is a right way: It has to settle a minute). The selection of whiskey is top-notch, and the dartboard sparks both fierce competition and convivial banter that will keep out you longer than you planned. Photo courtesy of Kusaka.

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