Owner Kathy Sidell spent her childhood sailing with her father and fell in love with the feeling of salt on her face after a day at sea. And while New England is synonymous with seafood, Saltie Girl pushes the boundaries far beyond oysters and clams. Saltie Girl’s claim to fame is the largest tinned seafood collection in New England. We’re talking Siberian Osetra caviar, Pacific salmon roe, tinned Spanish anchovies, Portuguese sardines…the list goes on. Be brave and order something out of your comfort zone—you won’t be disappointed. If it’s comfort you’re after, the fried lobster on a waffle soaked with sweet corn butter is the way to go. The interior is a further nod to Sidell’s love of the ocean. The walls are bright turquoise, the bar is set off in blue tile, and the wooden booths make you feel like you’re eating on a boat.

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