Drinking a milky coffee at All Seasons is a lot like being in a sensory-deprivation tank: At least insofar as the walls are white, the floors are white, the furniture is wooden, and there is next to no decoration. Before you start thinking it’s austere, it’s not; the minimalist look of the place is chic as can be. Founders Jun and Emi Saito met while one was selling dried fruit and the other was making furniture in the same building. They were always on the hunt for a good cup of coffee and eventually thought: Let’s just do it ourselves. Stop in for a delicious caffeine buzz and a bit of breakfast if you’re hungry—the crepes and egg dishes are especially good. All Seasons is not a café where the seats are filled with people feverishly typing on laptops; it’s more of a conversational, let’s-catch-up kind of place.

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