Bird Land is located right across from another Tokyo institution, Sukiyabashi Jiro (yes, that Jiro). Let the crowds form at Jiro’s place while you slip into arguably the finest yakitori restaurant in Tokyo. At Bird Land, the chickens are from Okukuji, which is to poultry as Kobe is to beef. Seated around the open grill, you can watch the cooks expertly serve up all manner of fowl and vegetable, including delicacies like chicken gizzard, thigh with lime, and breast with wasabi. Expect some “rare” chicken, but be not afraid—the quality of ingredients and expertise of preparation means chicken can be cooked more delicately than our traditional blast-the-shit-out-of-it method back at home. You could have a beer with yakitori, but Bird Land also has a terrific selection of junmai-shu sakes and natural wines to go with your chicken extravaganza. Image courtesy of

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