Located in Ise-Shima National Park, just above Ago Bay (home to some of the most unreal pearls in the world), a visit to Amanemu feels a little bit otherworldly. The property, just three hours by train from Kyoto, is dotted with hot springs, and its minimalist rooms are done up in the ryokan-style, include soaking tubs (with separate faucets for cold, hot, or mineral hot springs water). The surroundings are just as tranquil—think, wood, bamboo, and stone structures marked by low-hanging tiled roofs and sliding screens, plus beautiful hand-carved traditional motifs. There’s an outdoor infinity pool, which you’ll be hard pressed to actually get out of (it’s pretty incredible for stargazing), and a 22,000-square foot spa with outdoor onsen baths, a yoga studio, and four treatment rooms tucked into the forest. Meals are taken at at the aptly named Restaurant, where a team of 12 chefs trained by the Masanobu Inaba of Conrad Tokyo spotlight the region’s izakaya-style seafood offerings and bento boxes of sashimi and tempura come lunch.

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