The sheer number of bodies that manage to fit into this absolutely tiny space in the heart of Monkstown village never fails to amaze. The minuscule kitchen, helmed by one or two Italian chefs, turns out flavor-packed, authentic, comforting food that people cannot get enough of, to the point that in the depths of the frigid Irish winter, it’s not unusual to see locals sitting outside wrapped in blankets with their pappardelle. While the menu boasts all the usual suspects—insalati, antipasti, excellent thin-crust pizza—you’re here for the pasta. That’s Amore eschews the usual skinny spaghetti for tonnarelli, which is a little thicker, more of a mouthful. Order the tonnarello al tartufo, dense pasta doused in a rich, creamy truffle sauce flecked with aged Parmesan, probably the most indulgent thing you’ll eat all year.

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