Salt and its accompanying specialty food store and marketplace Avoca are Monkstown’s go-to for breakfast, lunch, the butcher, a dozen eggs, good coffee, cold press—you get the idea, it is the unequivocal general store of dreams. Salt is big and bustling with a slightly Scandi-looking interior. Frankly, the food here never disappoints, and the chefs make a stellar Irish breakfast—bacon, pork sausage, grilled black pudding and mushroom, roasted tomatoes, and a few slices of generously buttered toast. Lunch is fairly international with bold flavors and inventive pairings, like duck breast salad with peaches and figs, boeuf bourguignon; the favored order amongst locals is the half chicken with Caesar salad and a side of crunchy fries (called chips in Ireland, and chips are called crisps), this chicken is straight from the rotisserie and melts in the mouth. Totally kid-friendly and an excuse to make your way out to the Monkstown village with its seaside Georgian terraces and boutiques.

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