Sherwoods has a key role in getting people to come to the Little River neighborhood just above Little Haiti and west of Biscayne Boulevard. The eccentric, eclectic décor is what first drew us in: The patterned tiles and peeling-paint bar make you feel like you’re in a ramshackle bar in Tuscany (if Tuscany had any ramshackle bars). Blue leather booths, ceiling fans and chandeliers, walls heaving with framed oddities—this is one of those places that has a lot to look at and it’s hard to decide where to set your gaze. The menu is every bit as colorful. Order the St. Tropez grilled cheese (with bacon, Brie, and apricot preserve) to share, maybe a bowl of coq au vin, and coconut-sugar caramelized plantains to finish. The heavy food feels counterintuitive to the climate, but the fans whirring overhead keep things cool.

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