All Day has won every award going, and for good reason. The food and, of course, the coffee are some of the best in Miami. All the produce is sourced as locally as possible: Bread is from the much-lauded Zak the Baker, bagels and English muffins are baked in house, and the delicately sweet honey comes from a Miami beehive. An extensive beverage program, with specialty drinks, like Joe Went to Thailand—Thai iced coffee with Xocolatl Mole bitters—is inspired. But it’s not all coffee. Chamomile tea from Egypt, silver needle white tea from Taiwan, and proper rooibos from South Africa are all fantastic. (We’re partial to the earthy turmeric golden milk.) Come hungry and split a few egg dishes—the double yolks baked in leek, spinach, and cheese with a hunk of crusty bread for dipping is our first choice every time.

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