This idyllic breakfast and lunch spot is the marriage of two star chefs: Antonio Bachour on sweets and pastries, and Henry Hané on savory dishes (his CV includes Spain’s two-Michelin-star restaurant Miramar and Giorgio Rapicavoli’s Eating House in Miami). Their brilliant culinary mashups include a pepperoni pizza toast, decadent tartines with ahi tuna and avocado, and a croissant patty melt—yes, that’s a cheeseburger on a fresh, flaky croissant. Mornings, the place is wafting with tantalizing smells of fresh-baked treats; for later, take home some of the chocolates, bonbons, macarons, petit gateaux, and tarts, or order a specialty cake for an event—they are immaculately, sublimely beautiful. Through lunchtime, chef Hané’s rotating menu features rich, veggie-based dishes, like leafy salads, grain bowls, and stuffed veggies prepared sous-vide, plus hot soups to accompany them.

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