Whether you’re lounging on the heated marble steps of the enormous, coed Turkish-style hammam, sipping fresh-pressed green juice while the ocean glitters before you, doing serious yoga or Pilates, or all three plus an astrology reading and a pedicure, a few hours here truly takes you out of the everyday. Located inside the Standard, the spa’s sleekly modern ashram meets sybaritic retreat has everything. Within the hammam, there are shiny metal tubs for individual pretreatment baths; beyond that, there’s a Roman-style waterfall hot tub, a mud lounge, a Finnish sauna, an infinity pool, and an arctic plunge. There’s every sort of massage and facial, plus goopier options, like crystal-infused masks, biopuncture, and workshops on hypnocoaching, sound healing, crystal healing, and more. The food couldn’t be healthier or more delicious, and the on-an-island setting is about as gorgeous as it gets.
Photos: Adrian Gaut.

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