Trained in yoga, neuroscience, psychotherapy, and medical physiology, Heather is about as expert a yoga therapist as you can find. In fact, she founded The Minded Institute in London, which uses Mason’s scientific research in neuroscience to teach yoga practitioners, doctors, nurses, therapist, clinicians, etc., how to integrate yoga therapy into their practice. When she’s not steeped in research and running workshops for the Minded Institute, Heather does take on private clients and can help with anything from anxiety and mental health issues to back pain and chronic disease.  She recommends a minimum of six sessions, which include a general consultation followed by weekly visits which involve a mix of yoga, mindfulness and general lifestyle management according to each client’s needs. Her practice focuses on providing some immediate relief to a variety of ailments, but is also aimed at creating what she calls neurological resilience, meaning that patients learn strategies to manage their ailments on their own, while re-training their brain at the same time.

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