A relatively recent renovation to the spa and gym at London’s grande dame the Lanesborough takes wellness to the next level. The gym is first-class and available to guests and members with a slew of Bodyism performance specialists on hand for one-on-one and class training,as well as full health assessments. Box, run, weight lift, dance, yoga you name it—it’s all available, plus a café that features nutritionist-led dishes and drinks for lunch after a workout. Highlights at the spa include Ila facials, crystal sound healing (pure sound vibrations made using a pestle and crystal bowl), and Tibetan energy healing. The biggest draw however is an energetic healing facial with the renowned Anastasia Achilleos (Achilleos has a residency on Thursdays, be sure to book early). The pool is one of the prettiest in London, and overall, the Lanesborough feels much more like a retreat than a fitness club.

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