While Holborn might feel a little bit random, London’s first, ultra-luxurious Rosewood Hotel has all the makings of a classic, from the grand courtyard entrance, to the Asian-inflected, but still very stately British décor, to the splashy Holborn restaurant and Scarfe Bar (featuring illustrator Gerald Scarfe’s humorous wall murals). Every Sunday, rain or shine, an outdoor market organized by Slow Food spreads out on the hotel’s grand, Edwardian inner courtyard. There are 30 handpicked vendors, offering everything from the best smoked salmon in London courtesy of Norwegian outfit Hansen & Lydersen, to the family-owned Wild Country Organics spread of seasonal veggies, to Kentish fruit and organic apple juice from Chegworth Valley. Let’s just say it will have you wishing you booked a suite with a kitchen.

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