This is the latest Pig hotel, a growing chain of laid-back country hotels whose first focus is local food. The franchise is owned by husband-and-wife team, Robin and Judy Hutson—he runs the hotels, while she decorates them in her inimitably quirky, lived-in aesthetic. Guests reach this particular Pig via ferry to the gorgeous beaches of Studland, where the hotel perches on top of a hill overlooking the beach cliffs. The hotel boasts a large vegetable patch and greenhouse where much for the restaurant’s food is grown—the rest comes from 25 miles away at most—and the menu changes daily according to the day’s harvest. From the English seaside décor, to the freestanding tubs in many of the bedrooms, to the Converse clad staff, the feel at all the Pig hotels is comfortably casual, and ideal for young couples looking for a weekend getaway.

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