This just-opened restaurant—occupying the former Noma space right on the waterfront—is the brainchild of chef Thorsten Schmidt in collaboration with Rene Redzepi. Drawing its name from the Irish word for crops, which—thanks to the Viking invasions of 795 A.D.—is the same as Old Norse for barley, Barr serves the cold climate foods traditional to the North Sea (an area including the British Isles, Scandinavia, and Benelux). The menu is pure comfort food, re-imagined with a fine-dining slant—dishes like cabbage and nutmeg meatballs, schnitzel, and glazed cod with smoked bacon. The beautifully neutral space is more casual than its predecessor with simple tables and chairs, washed stone walls, and an old, wood-beamed ceiling. Even the bar is carved from large pieces of untreated and polished wood, with the copper beer taps forming the wall behind. The front-of-house does their best to accommodate walk-ins, and an added bonus is that Restaurant Barr is open for lunch Friday and Saturday. Keep in mind though, that this spot is best for adventurous eaters (ants are on the menu).

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