True to form, this new clandestine Cherry Creek speakeasy isn’t easy to spot from the street—you have to walk down an alley between Second and Third Avenue before you find a nondescript sign that just reads “Stair 3.” There’s a gold Art Deco doorbell that gives a better indication of what greets you in the basement beneath: a sophisticated cocktail menu from Brendon Wise, the beverage director of Sage Hospitality (the group that owns the adjacent hotel B&GC, The Halcyon); a dark space (but well-lit bar), cognac leather booths, and more gold Art Deco flourishes. Drinks like Aviatrix (Plymouth gin, sparkling rose, plus other good stuff), New Money (Bourbon, smoked vermouth, amaro, house bitters), and tight-lipped bartenders await. It’s also worth noting that the stylish Halcyon Hotel is a decent (new) option if you have business or friends in Cherry Creek—there aren’t too many options nearby.

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