Started by three Boulder natives and childhood friends with a passion for cold-pressed juice and nut milk, it takes just a glance at Wonder Press’s menu to see why we love it: You can get a standard latte with nut milk, or you can get one of their made-to-order “magic” concoctions like cacao, raw coconut sugar and nut milk spiced with cinnamon and cayenne, or a lemon mate tea with maple and cayenne, or a dandelion root and chicory latte. Their juice is the real deal—never pasteurized, never pressure-processed, served in a glass bottle and packed with several pounds of nutritive produce. Even better, they’re committed to producing as little waste as possible, which means they have a bottle exchange program and residual pulp from juices is either donated or used in their house-made muffins.  Lots of natural light, abundant pillows (and free wifi) add to Wonder Press’s charm.

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