Though it’s undeniably fun, St. Barths isn’t traditionally the most quiet, or secluded, place for a honeymoon—which is exactly what makes Le Toiny, a recently renovated haven a healthy distance from town, so appealing. There are only 14 suites here, each with a view of the ocean and its own private pool, and the intimacy means the high-touch, Relaix & Chateaux-trained staff is available to tend to your every need, whether it be organizing a romantic beachside dinner or loading you into a Jeep Wrangler for a ride to the tennis courts. The décor, expertly handled by designer Bee Osborn, is comfortable and neutral, with beachy accents like roped door handles and reclaimed wood side tables. The restaurant and suites here are up on the hillside for better views, but the water access is still potentially one of the island’s best: A short walk (or ride in one of those Jeep Wranglers) will land you at the brand-new private beach club, with a full bar, hammock, beach chairs, and a shop stocked with coverups, tanning oil, and other beach essentials.

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