Fans of Harbour Island who are likely familiar with the storied Ocean View Club, will be delighted to know that its charming proprietors Ben Simmons and Charlie Phelan have quietly opened a new spot just across the way in Eleuthera. The Other Side has a decidedly different feel—it’s luxuriously nomadic, a bit more wild, and blessedly unplugged, making it perfect for those who truly want to disconnect. The design, which centers around communal and private sleeping tents, hardwood floors, and four-poster beds, and sundecks, is reminiscent of a scene from Out of Africa, and it’s the kind of place where you can fall asleep to the sound of the water lapping in the distance. There’s plenty to do on the property, including morning yoga, paddle boarding, diving into swimming holes or even tend to the on-site vegetable garden if you wish, but you can also just relax at the swimming pool, which is pretty enticing on its own. The Other Side, like many other spots on Eleuthera and Harbour Island, is open from November through August.

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