Onondaga Camp is not entirely unlike the traditional New England camps that we’re all familiar with, except, of course, for the fact that it’s located in Ontario. Onondaga, which is named after an Iroquois tribe, was founded in 1918, originally as an all-boys camp on the shores of Lake Eerie. In the 1930s, the camp moved to Middle Bob Lake (where it still is today), and in the mid-1970’s it became co-ed. Since 1992, it’s been run by the same three people, who are all former camp directors. Onondaga Camp is a rustic experience: younger campers (6 to 11) stay in wood cabins and older campers (12 to 16) in the signature canvas tents that line the edge of the bay. There are dozens of activities and sports on offer, including: windsurfing, water trampolines, golf, leather craft, and archery. They have one-, two-, and four-week programs. (Onondaga is associated with the organization Canadian Summer Camps, as is Camp Kandalore, another storied Canadian camp.)

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