This four-day program from the people behind The Ranch promises to deliver similar results. The Ranch 4.0 operates in partnership with the Westlake Village Four Seasons, so you’ll be taking up residence there—though the daily itinerary is the same as what you’d expect to encounter at the main ranch. (Keep in mind that it is a business hotel, though, so don’t be surprised when you roll in.) Every morning begins with a four-hour hike, followed by an afternoon of abdominal work, toning, and yoga—all dictated by diagnostic fitness and metabolic rate testing you’ll submit to when you check in. Rest assured, though, all this activity is mitigated by a daily massage. While the days are packed with activities, they’re admittedly not packed with carbs: All 16 participants abide by a strict, vegetarian diet of 1,400 calories. (It’s delicious.) In addition to eating, there are cooking demonstration and nutrition classes.

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