ZaZen offers a number of restorative treatments at their Cow Hollow spa, including massage (from Thai and Swedish to hot stone and prenatal), yoga classes, and acupuncture (along with cupping and gua sha). Visitors somewhat familiar with any silent meditation practice are invited to to the staff’s daily unguided meditations (donations of $2-$10 are suggested), and ZaZen occasionally hosts guided meditation events. The most unique offering at ZaZen, though, is probably their flotation therapy, which entails floating on your back in about a foot of warm saltwater solution, in a lightproof, almost soundproof chamber. The gravity-free idea is to reach a soothing, meditative state. Locals, take note: ZaZen has a membership program ($25/month or $200/year), which gets you 40% off ZaZen’s services—not a bad deal at all.

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