There’s been a notable dearth of hotels in Venice for some time now, so the opening of the Rose Hotel, nestled comfortably between the beach and the lively shopping stretch of Rose Avenue, was a welcome addition to the neighborhood. The building itself was designed by Abbot Kinney (the original developer of Venice, after whom the shopping street was named) back in 1908, when it played host to Hollywood creatives as well as Kinney’s east coast visitors. The current iteration is a beautiful reflection of the area’s aesthetic, with a simple decorative scheme that mixes mid-century furniture with straightforward fabrics, local art, and warm leather and wood furniture. The rooms themselves come in a range of options from hostel-style rooms with shared bathrooms (a la the Ace’s Portland outpost) to full suites with kitchens and multiple bedrooms, and the clientele varies accordingly. And while the relatively small operation is tight on amenities, the ones that exist are brand-appropriate: Take advantage of in-room massage and reiki treatments, Stumptown coffee in the lobby, and on-site bike and surfboard rentals.

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