Founder Dr. Habib Sadeghi believes that with the right healing protocols—he focuses on homeopathy, osteopathy, and anthroposophical medicine, the belief that we’re able to access the spiritual world through inner development—the body can be restored back to its natural equilibrium and heal itself. He and his staff integrate techniques from Eastern and Western medicine to get to the root of issues, and on top of providing rehabilitating treatments like the Integrative Medical Colon Hydrotherapy and Integrative Neural Therapy, they’re also remarkable at balancing skin. During the Integrative Medical Facial, you get a thorough cleanse and deep exfoliation. The aesthetician traces a scalpel along the side of your face to smooth away the top, dull layer of skin, revealing radiance beneath. It’s enormously detoxifying and brilliant for pores. A rousing facial massage follows, as well as layers of beautiful hydrating and antioxidant-infused formulas that nourish and melt into skin. It’s the only facial on the menu, and it’s beyond.

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