School founder Clémence Gossett started making sweet treats for her colleagues at 20th Century Fox—where she was working as an assistant at the time—and decided to turn what was a hobby into her full time hustle. Located in sunny Santa Monica The Gourmandise School focuses on teaching classic technique to both beginner and experienced cooks with options ranging from three-hour themed classes to several week-long courses. Each module is taught by an industry professional and truly, there is something for everyone—from decorating a birthday cake and cooking chicken everything, to butchery and preserving workshops (jams, pickles, kraut, and so on). Specialty cuisine options could be as diverse as Thai street food and Argentinian steakhouse fare, or for the more technical cook seeking new innovations, mastering the sous vide. The kitchen is housed in a stunning, industrial-style space that feels akin to a fully-fledged commercial cook-space with roomy communal working spaces and stainless steel appliances.

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