This gorgeous, twenty-three-acre property sits high in the Malibu hills, overlooking the ocean. Run by shaman, healer, and mystic Inannya Magick, the retreat (which doesn’t allow phones) is a center of positive energy in every possible way—there are crystals around each corner, displayed in bookshelves, infused into the spa, and even buried in seven chakra-themed medicinal gardens (to transfer positive energy to the plants). There’s an herbalist on-site, and the food program offers raw, plant-based cuisine made with plenty of produce that’s grown in Aja’s mountaintop gardens. Spa-wise, they offer every conceivable healing modality, from an oxygenated and ozonated water swimming pool, to acupuncture and craniosacral massage to an infrared sauna. Each day is booked in seven-day increments, which allow guests to participate in Magick’s full immersive program.

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