This soup cleanse-centric company has a little kiosk near the Brentwood Country Mart, though most of their business is done via delivery. A day on Soupure includes a combination of veggie soups, really nourishing bone broths, super hydrating alkaline water drinks, and chilled snacks. The way the cleanse is spaced out, you end up drinking or eating something every other hour, so there’s really no opportunity to feel hungry. Plus, instead of slamming a bottle of greens, we actually sat down and savored the food. The chicken bone miso broth was incredibly satisfying, the zucchini basil lunch was surprisingly hearty, and the Superhero nuts and seeds blend, which we had for breakfast, tasted better than most desserts. They have one, three, and five-day options along with a mini three-day cleanse that allows for a solid dinner.

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