Taryn Toomey and her definition-evading “class” have finally made it to Los Angeles. The experience is a self-titled cathartic experience, where you spend 75 minutes engaging in intense movement to “break open and activate ‘stagnant’ layers in the body.” In short you move, and scream, and shake, and yell as you release emotional energy–and get a pretty incredible workout in the process, care of burpees, planks, leg lifts, and squats. There’s a fair bit of yoga worked in for good measure. It requires an open mind and a willing spirit. Taryn is back-and-forth from New York City, but has a small team in L.A. to lead classes in her absence—there isn’t a permanent space yet, so you can find them at various locations on the Westside. Photo Credit: Jaimie Baird

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