When the legendary Nozawa closed its doors, it sent shockwaves through the LA sushi scene. (On its last day, fans lined up down the block for a final Tokyo-style meal from legendary Chef Nozawa—known as the original “Sushi Nazi.”) Luckily, it’s now reincarnated in the form of Nozawa Bar. Though no longer in a strip mall, it remains true to the same no-frills attitude. Walk through Sugarfish (the chef’s hyper-efficient chain) on North Cañon Drive and into the bar, headed up by Chef Fujita, Nozawa’s charming and friendly sushi prodigy. The set menu changes daily according to Fujita and Nozawa’s market finds, and consists of purist nigiri, sushi, and hand-rolls. Sadly, this is not a spot for the spontaneous: You must make a reservation (many weeks in advance).

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