Leaning heavily on founder F.X. Mayr’s theories that diseases stem from imbalances in the digestive system, the custom tailored wellness programs at this SciFi-looking forest compound in Austria, all marry modern medicine with time-honored holistic methods, and center around intense detoxification (colon cleansing, lymphatic draining, even light psychotherapy). If it all sounds like serious business, that’s because it is—but so are the results: the programs are said to have life-changing regenerative effects. Thankfully, it’s all balanced by ample spa time for salt scrubs and massages, and custom meal plans that while skimpy, border on gourmet. In addition to the original, there’s a brand new, 70-room resort, Lanserhof Tagernsee, on Lake Tegern in Germany and a city outpost in Hamburg called Lans Medicum.

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