If you’re looking for an escape to a luxury spa, you may want to look elsewhere, but if you’re up for a rustic retreat that really lets you focus on resetting your well-being, Canyon Ranch in Tucson is an excellent choice. They have wonderful roster of in-house experts—from spiritual gurus, to fitness instructors—and a varied weekly schedule of group classes and events–everything from spinning, yoga, circuit training, mind-body-soul workshops, etc. Canyon Ranch has a casual atmosphere—you won’t need to bring much beyond your workout gear, and when you get there, the absence of bells and whistles is refreshing. The Arizona desert locale is vast and serene. There’s a two-mile loop of the campus, which you can walk or run (best early in the a.m. before the day heats up) that shows off the area’s incredible array of desert plants. If you want a guided nature tour, they have morning walks, hikes on the surrounding trails, and river-path bike rides. We suggest having a packed schedule so you can go to bed with that all-over, deep-good-tired feeling. While the food program isn’t the most revolutionary of its kind, you won’t go hungry.

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