This atelier—founded by an Italian husband and wife duo in 1892—makes, arguably, the most superlative polo boots in the world. Despite the longevity of this family business, practices have remained largely unchanged, with the boots still made by hand in the store to this day—more often than not by octogenarian Rodolfo Fagliano himself. The artisanal production process is painstaking in its detail—leathers are selected for durability and softness (the Fagliano’s prefer cordovan, calfskin, and buffalo hide), and soles are cut and prepared all on a 1920s sewing machine. While a pair of these exquisite handmade boots don’t come cheap and the waiting list can be months-long, for the true polo-enthusiast these boots are worth it. Every detail is customizable, from the leather to the thread color to the type of brass nails used. If you absolutely must have a piece of this craftsmanship in your life without the hefty price tag, Casa Fagliano also offers a selection of other leather products like watch straps and belts.

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