Tutka Bay has to be one of the most visually arresting spots in the US, nestled into the southern end of a magnificent fjord at Kachemak Bay, near Homer. The mountains are jaggedly rugged, the fjords are practically clear, the forests stretch for miles, and the beaches are basically untouched, but, nature aside you’re here for the food. The various buildings at this waters-edge retreat are all linked by boardwalk, and it’s along this that you stroll to reach the cookery school—housed (aptly) in a repurposed crabbing boat that, in it’s pre fishing /cookery school life carried troops during World War Two. Chef Kristen Dixon— an esteemed Cordon Bleu grad and cookbook author—celebrates the best of Alaskan produce with seafood justifiably taking center-stage. Tutka Bay’s in-house chef’s alongside Dixon instruct students on the most mouthwatering preparations for the freshest halibut, salmon, crab, and Kachemak Bay oysters you’re likely to taste, ever.

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