Montreal Museums and Galleries

Museum/Gallery neighborhood
Canadian Center for Architecture
1920 Rue Baile, Old Montreal
Opened to bring public awareness to the crucial role architecture plays in shaping the identity of a city, and by default, improving the lives of residents, The Canadian Centre for Architecture, with it’s incredible gardens, is a calming oasis. The imposing 19th-century residence houses a significant archive, exhibit halls, and fascinating restoration labs, where you can see the painstaking steps involved in restoring portions of older buildings and their decorative effects. A must visit (especially with littles), is the sculpture garden, a totally novel space filled with architectural reproductions of sections of the Architecture Center itself, with plants and vegetation winding their way around the deconstructed fixtures.
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
1380, Sherbrooke Street Ouest, Downtown
Founded in 1860, the Montreal Museum of Fine Art has since acquired more than 41,000 artworks spanning the mediums of painting, sculpture, photography, and the decorative arts. The museum itself is enormous, and the art is divided for display purposes between four pavilions—international art, world culture, Canadian Art, and design. Upcoming exhibits include a comparison-based show of Picasso works and non-western artists, and a collection of paintings depicting court life under Napoleon. Aside from the collections, the museum offers some interesting educational and health initiatives like art therapy programs, workshops for toddlers, and painting classes for seniors.
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