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Ami Cole Desert Date Blush and Lip MultistickAmi Cole Desert Date Blush and Lip Multistick
This creamy multitasking stick leaves pretty, layerable color on cheeks and lips.
Saie Lip Blur LipstickSaie Lip Blur Lipstick
Made with a lip-nourishing blend of hyaluronic acid, olive oil, jojoba esters, and berry fruit wax, this beautifully pigmented matte lipstick can look super subtle or gorgeously bold, depending on how you apply it.
Westman Atelier Lip Suede - Les NudesWestman Atelier Lip Suede - Les Nudes
Westman AtelierLip Suede - Les Nudes
Four ultraflattering neutral shades make up this strikingly visual palette—Gucci Westman’s preferred multioption method for applying lip color—which comes in a gorgeous lacquered compact.