The idea behind Concordia Language Villages is to create a study abroad experience Stateside (it’s part of Concordia College). Concordia offers 15 different language immersion programs—from Spanish to German, Finnish, and Arabic—for kids of varying ages and language levels. (They have year-round programs for toddlers even, but their summer sleepaway camps are typically for kids aged 7 to 18, with shorter 1- and 2-week programs for younger students, and then longer 4-week programs available for older kids.) The programs are organized by language, and the different language “villages” are spread between five locations in Minnesota. “Village passports” are stamped at “customs,” campers engage in activities relevant to the language they are studying (whether that be fútbol or martial arts), and enjoy “local” cuisine (whether that be Swedish meatballs or kimchi). Concordia also offers family, adult, and educator programs.

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