At Winnebago, all first-year campers under the age of 12 are assigned big brothers (usually 14 or 15-year-olds) a month and a half before camp. Some talk before camp, but regardless, upon arrival, these big brothers are the ones to show them the ropes, and make the transition all the smoother. The boys live in screened cabins and have 400 acres of forest land to enjoy off the shore of Maine’s Echo Lake. Although there are non-athletic activities (writing for the camp newspaper, photography, acting) happening here, the athletic facilities are arguably the most impressive part of campus. The field house alone is 12,000 square feet and home to hockey, basketball, volleyball, and short court tennis courts, plus a rock climbing wall. Another highlight of camp: The overnight hiking and camping trips to some of the region’s most picturesque places. It’s for boys 8 to 15, for either the full summer or half.

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