London Kids

Kids neighborhood
Harrods Ice Cream Parlour
87-135 Brompton Rd., Knightsbridge
The Harrods Ice Cream Parlour came to life in the summer of 2011, serving up Morelli's traditional gelato treats—an Italian ice-cream specialist since 1907—plus Harrod's modern twists. Highlights include the Banoffee Basket—caramel, banana and cream—as well as plenty of cookie and ice-cream combos. The setting is, in true Harrods style, pretty over the top with a mix of Art Deco, pastel colors, and sundae-glass chandeliers. Once the little ones have had their sugar fix, take them over to the toy section for a complete and indulgent Harrod's kids experience.
Kristin Baybars
7 Mansfield Rd., Hampstead
This store actually has no sign, so you have to look hard. Kristin Baybars, who has run the shop for decades, stocks everything you could ever want for a dollhouse. The front of the store has traditional kids toys and imported dollhouse accessories, but as you venture farther back, you'll find handmade British pieces on display inside kooky old cabinets and quintessentially English townhouses. You'll either leave with a bunch of miniatures or grand plans for a dollhouse of your own, just remember to bring cash as they don't accept cards. Photo: The Small Desk
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