Known for being particularly terrific for kids who are into horseback riding, Cheley Colorado Camps are spread out on three different sites in scenic Estes Park Valley, which is a mix of spectacular mountain peaks and pine forests threaded with hundreds of miles of trails. Land O’ Peaks Ranch is about 70 miles northwest of Denver, and it houses 6 girls units and 6 boys units, broken up by age, from 9 to 11 years old. On a ranch a dozen miles away, you’ll find Girls’ Trail’s End (for 12-17 years old) and Boys’ Trail’s End (same age). Campers can sign up for half or full season. In addition, Cheley hosts a number of specialty camps: five-day family camp, an eight-day camp for burn survivors, a five-day program in the Colorado Rockies for high schoolers who have an Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard parent, and a fall/spring outdoor education experience.

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