Corbin and King—the team behind the Wolseley and the Delaunay—have created yet another fantastical place, this time in the form of an Art Deco hotel (in what was Selfridges’ parking lot back in the 20’s). The (fictional) story is that Jimmy Beaumont, a successful American entrepreneur frustrated by Prohibition, moves to London in the 1920’s, and opens up a swanky hotel in London. And though it’s fictional, the hotel does ooze that sense of history with Deco furniture, paintings from the period, wood paneling, velvet chairs, a glamorous marble-clad spa, an old-fashioned “Cub Room” just for guests, and an American bar (serving up all those drinks Jimmy couldn’t get across the Atlantic). Somewhat anachronistic for the story is the rather grand Antony Gormley sculpture that crowns the hotel—guests can arrange to sleep inside of it.

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